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Weekly Events in Sun Peaks

Every week we have great award winning events in Sun Peaks.

Sunday nights, Nancy Greene is the host at the Cahilty Welcome Reception.

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday is the First Tracks Breakfast.  You load the Sunburst Chair at 8am, one hour earlier.  Head up to the Crystal Chair and enjoy the pristine alpine playground until 9am.  Breakfast is from 9am to 1030am.   

Thursday is the Fondue Dinner and Evening Descent.   For this dinner you load the chair at 445pm.  In the Sunburst Lodge you have live music and the fondue dinner.   After dinner you will ski down the lantern lit slopes of the 5 Mile.  This is one great event.

Friday Race Series is a fun for everyone race.  The racing starts at 1015am, prizes and awards are at 4pm.

For more information and prcing on any of these events please email

To book your winter holiday please give us a call toll free 1-800-244-8424 or click here to book online.